The art of making matter speak... by AFM

AFM is a high resolution local probe microscope that allows to visualize the topography of the surface of a sample but also the tribology, the mechanical, electrical or chemical behavior.

This method of analysis allows the study of objects on a very small scale (nm).

AFM is also the art of making the extreme surface speak.

Analysis by AFM why ?

The AFM technology (AFM for Atomic Force Microscope) is a method allowing to analyze point by point the surface of a sample thanks to the scanning of a probe made up of a nanometric point. Thus, the AFM allows to answer your problems related to the subject of failure and analysis of extreme surface. 

Making matter speak is FILAB's commitment

Expertise of failures

The failure can have several origins, these impact the reliability and the performance of your product.

  • Search for mechanical stresses that may be the cause of a failure
  • Search for conductivity or electrical permittivity defects (semiconductor)

Extreme surface analysis

The surface of a material is a real place where many interactions exist. To understand these interactions, different solutions exist.

  • Determine if the morphology is the source of the surface effects
  • Search for processing effects
  • Examine the impact of surface roughness on adhesion
  • Evaluate the shape
  • ...

A multi-sectoral approach...

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