The art of making the matter speak... by ICP

ICP is an inductively coupled plasma analytical technique for measuring the content of an inorganic element in a sample.

Our analysis services
Confirm the chemical composition of a mixture
Check the conformity of products (specifications, MSDS...)
Check the conformity of a formula or a material with respect to a regulation in force
Search for an elementary impurity at the origin of a defect or a failure
Our expertise services
Develop your own methods
Transfer the methods to your laboratories
Validate the protocols according to the guidelines in force
Train your teams (on site or remotely)
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Metallurgy and Nuclear

Two types of analyzers at FILAB, WHY ?

The combination of ICP-AES and ICP-MS allows the determination of a wide range of inorganic elements and elemental impurities, in a single run, with extreme reliability and precision (in the ppt to ppb range depending on the matrices).

Making matter speak is FILAB's commitment

ICP combined with Atomic Emission Spectrometers (ICP-AES or ICP-OES)

ICPs combined with atomic emission spectrometers (ICP-AES or ICP-OES) measure the wavelengths emitted by the ions.

ICP combined with mass spectrometers (ICP-MS or ICP-MS/MS)

ICP combined with mass spectrometers (ICP-MS or ICP-MS/MS) allow the analysis of elements according to their charges and their mass.

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FILAB offers you customized support, both in terms of price and technique. Indeed, we develop the most suitable methods for your industrial products and their use. And above all, our deadlines are short and our prices very competitive.
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