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During inspections, pharmaceutical manufacturers are increasingly challenged on the subject of candling or visual inspection… but also on the identification and knowledge of the origin of visible particles or sub-visible particles that can potentially impact product quality. FILAB helps pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure the quality and purity of their products, by identifying the presence and nature of particles on all types of matrices…

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From 200€ by particle contamination

Price including an analysis by SEM-EDX and by FTIR, carried out within 5 working days.

24/48h emergency package possible on request.

A specific analytical equipements

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
Coupled to an EDX probe
Optical Microscopy
Infrared Coupled (μ-FTIR)
Inductively Coupled Plasma
Chromatographic analysis
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FILAB offers tailored support, both in terms of pricing and technical know-how. We develop the most suitable methods for your products and their specific uses. Above all, our turnaround times are short and our pricing is competitive.
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As an independent analytical chemistry laboratory with a team of experienced doctors and engineers, FILAB ensures the integrity of your results, rapid processing of requests and personalized support for its clients.

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