Identification et characterization of chemical substances in a laboratory

REACH : what are we talking about ?

REACH is the set of European regulations which dictate that manufacturers and chemical producers, mixtures included, producing over one ton of a substance per year must register these substances with the ECHA (European Chemical Agency).

A substance must be associated with a chemical name, a number and, in the case of mixtures, with a detailed chemical composition (components + dosages). The quality of the data provided will make it possible to quickly classify these substances in the authorization or restriction lists.

Our Reach testing services

Our laboratory has the experience and a specific analytical platform to be able to support companies in the analysis of their substances as well as their mixtures, natural substances (UVCB) and nanomaterial substances.

Chemical analysis – Purity control – Chemical deformulation – Characterization of nanomaterials – Method development

Our identification analytical techniques



Why choose FILAB for your REACH analysis ?

A recognized ISO 17025 laboratory

Thanks to our team of analytical experts and a state-of-the-art analytical park (2100m²), FILAB provides high-end analytical reports with spectral data, interpretation and precise information on the chemical composition of any type of substances. Also, FILAB supports its customers in the development of new chemical formulas. FILAB is asked to find formulas, products or materials that contain CMR chemical substances according to the REACH definition.

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