The art of making speak... by SEM

SEM is a technique for microscopic analysis in the laboratory. 

This technique produces very high resolution images of the surface of a sample. SEM allows you to obtain extremely precise analyses of your raw materials.

A multi-sectoral approach...

Medical devices





Metallurgy and Nuclear Energy

SEM analysis... why ?

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM-EDX) technology is particularly powerful and efficient for rapid diagnostics and more complex expertise. In this way, the SEM-EDX technique is able to solve your problems related to various subjects such as failure, nano or surface analysis. 

Failure Expertise

Failure can have several causes, which impact the reliability and performance of your product.

  • breakage and fracture of items
  • corrosion mechanism
  • poor adhesion
  • presence of contamination
  • material degradation
  • premature ageing

Surface and extreme surface analysis

Either way, it must be concluded that the surface of a material is a place where many interactions exist. To understand these interactions, various solutions exist.

  • Analysis of chemical composition
  • Morphological study
  • Thickness measurement of surface layers
  • Topography analysis
  • Coating characterization
  • Cleaning process validation

Nanometric characterization and identification of nanoparticles

In this infinitely small universe, Scanning Electron Microscopy allows to

  • determine the size and shape of nanoparticles

A cutting-edge technique to meet the various regulatory requirements of each sector: cosmetics, medical, food, pharmaceutical, etc.

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