The art of making the surface speak... by TOF-SIMS

The TOF-SIMS technique allows to characterize the surface and extreme surface chemical composition of a sample.


Mass Spectrum

The TOF-SIMS technique is able to provide mass spectral information.

Ion image

The TOF-SIMS technique allows to obtain images of surface elements and molecules.

Depth profiling

Profiling allows targeting of small areas and also depth of investigation profiles without selecting specific features of interest. Also, clustered ion beams allow profiling of organic materials while retaining structurally significant information.

Why the TOF-SIMS technique?

  • Analysis of failures and root causes in case of delamination, blistering, corrosion...
  • Optimization of assembly by gluing
  • Observation of deposits or pollution on the surface (elementary diagnosis of the surface)
  • Verification of the surface functionalization of a product (improvement of its performance: adhesion, mechanical clinging...)

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